Residential Loans


Home Loan is a complete loan package that is flexible and suits both home and investment borrowers. Hoem Loan Package can help you pay down your loans quicker, improve your cash flow and build up your property investments.

Trustar has assisted many investors with finance over the years and our expertise ensures that from the outset, you are correctly positioned in a loan that will build wealth faster for you.


Product recommended for: All

Do you have some surplus funds earning a moderate rate of interest where you have to declare that earning at the end of the financial year? Would you like to fully utilise the income you earn and put it to work for you?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then our 100% Offset Loan is right for you. Read about the benefits for yourself and see how even a small amount of savings in your Offset account can potentially save you thousands in interest and years off your loan term.

N.B. Incredibly, available whilst on a fixed rate too!


Product recommended for: All

Are you looking for simplicity? Would you like a loan that offers a range of features whilst at the same time remaining uncomplicated and easy to manage?

Please take some time to consider our Standard Term Loan product. This product has been specifically designed to take the “worry” out of having a mortgage.


Products recommended for: Home buyers, refinances, investors

A fully featured and flexible loan that you can mix and match to suit your needs. Best of all, an interest rate that will knock you out! P & I option only.
Use the 100% offset account to reduce the amount of interest payable and pay all your expenses off the attached VISA card.