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Trustar Mortgage is a member of Australian Financil Complaints Authority an ASIC approved external dispute resolution service which is free to any of our customers who may have a complaint or hardship request they feel has not been resolved satisfactorily with Trustar.


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Trustar Mortgage is licence through ASIC as an Australian Credit Licence holder.

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This is a great site for around
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frequently asked question

How Does Trustar Mortgage Can Offer Lower Rate?

Just take a look around to see by how much Trustar Mortgage beat the banks with low interest home loans. Bank support thousands of expensive local branches, huge staff numbers ane exorbitant overheads due to their size.At Trustar Mortgage, we specialize in home loans, we operate more efficiently by keeping our overheads low and pass these savings on to you in the form of lower price home loans.

Can I Switch To A Fixed Rate?

During the term of the mortgage you can switch at no cost from the variable interest rate to a fixed rate. All interest rates quoted to you by Trustar Mortgage will be indicative only. Actual interest rates will depend on the Trustee’s cost of funds at the relevant time. You will only be able to convert on the 15th of each month, and you must give 21 days written notice to Trustar Mortgage. We are unfortunately unable to accept verbal requests to switch rates.If you convert to a fixed rate, you should be aware that at the end of the fixed rate period, your rate will automatically convert to the prevailing residential variable rate which will be indicatively quoted to you by Trustar Mortgage. Alternatively, you can continue with another fixed rate period at the prevailing fixed rates.The opportunity to split your loan i.e. part fixed rate and part variable rate or two portions at variable rate or two portions at fixed rates, is only available at the commencement of your loan and should be discussed with your Loans Consultant when arranging your loan.

How Will I Be Advised of Rage Changes?

When the interest rate changes, you will always be formally advised by our writing notice and the new interest rate will always be published in the newspaper. You will be given at least 20 days notice of any revised minimum repayments following any variation to your rate. You will always be formally advised of any amendment to your minimum loan repayment arising from interest rate changes.

How Are Repayments Made?

All regular repayments are made by a Direct Debit from your bank account.Whilst you have a variable rate loan you may elect to make your regular payments either monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly any date of each month. For loans on a fixed rate, repayments are only available on a monthly basis.The Direct Debit may only occur from bank or building society cheque or savings statement accounts. Some credit Union accounts may also be debited. Deductions cannot be made form Saving Passbook accounts.The account from which funds are debited to make loan repayments must be identical to the name of the loan.